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Normalize Recovery &
Connect Community

We believe in the power of coffee and food to bring people together. At Hope and Coffee Coatesville, you can enjoy our freshly brewed coffee, as well as a variety of other beverages and snacks. We will offer a welcoming safe space for community connection and individuals in recovery to socialize, attend meetings and to connect to needed resources. Additionally, we plan to have space available to rent for community wellness events and activities.

The Goal

The GOAL of Hope and Coffee Coatesville is two-fold. First we desire to provide a safe and comfortable community space to empower growth and wellness. Second and more important is to normalize and celebrate recovery, bringing the real-life struggle and victory into the light. We plan to be a source of hope through education, connection, employment and joy to those needing to take the next step in their recovery. We desire to create a wholeness focus of celebrating each person as an individual who deserves to be treated with love, dignity and respect, while maintaining a base line of excellence in standard of operations and service.


Recovery Minded / Community-Centered

Coffee and Desserts

Our Philosophy

The PHILOSOPHY of Hope and Coffee Coatesville will be one of excellence, acceptance and positivity.

  • Excellence - Exemplifying excellence in all we do from the quality of service, food, interactions, teamwork and customer experience. Holding one another accountable through kindness and honesty in all aspects of the business.

  • Acceptance - Creating a culture of acceptance and belonging where all are welcome regardless of background with a focus on loving one another, giving mercy to all we connect with and hope in all circumstances.

  • Positivity - Encouraging a positive attitude with team members, customers and the community which keeps everyone trying new things, feeling brave about brainstorming new ideas, and makes people feel excited to go to work with their co-workers.

Recovery Minded / Community-Centered

The Vision

The VISION of Hope and Coffee Coatesville is of Recovery, Connection and Community Wellness.

  • Recovery - We seek to transform our community into a place that is recovery-friendly, that understands recovery, and provides opportunities for people in recovery as we normalize the conversation of those dealing with issues and celebrate those choosing to move forward in the recovery process.

  • Connection - Through social gatherings, community involvement, fun family friendly entertainment and various forms of education such as meetings, classes and workshops, we seek to provide a place of joy, networking and connection in a safe lifegiving atmosphere. Connection hubs will also be created to provide a way to connect those in need of services to the services in the area that meet those needs.

  • Wellness - We will bring hope to each customer through healthy food options, education on whole-being wellness and providing connections for all to other wellness services in the area.

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